President: Kelly Hunt

Vice President: Anthony Cedrone

Treasurer: Gary Levy

Secretary: Jerry Sackin


Programs: Sue Tavarez

Field Trips: Member Leaders

Membership: Holly Linton

Hospitality: Holly Linton

Projected Image: Anthony Cedrone

Website: Anthony Cedrone

Nominations: Lynn White

At Large: Dick White

Logo Design: Don Chillemi

Exhibitions and Contests

Spring Challenge: Anthony Cedrone, Jerry Sackin

Fall Shootout: Holly Linton, Patricia Allen

Interclub Competition: John Osterling

Projected Image Competition: Dick White, Mary Carey

Past Presidents

Dave Blood, 2016-2017

Jim Crawford, 2014-2015

Dave Woeller, 2012-2013

Anne Harlan, 2010-2011

Dennis Loughlin, 2008-2009

Tom Cray, 2006-2007

Ed Idzik, 2004-2005

Denny Coleman, 2002-2003

*Officers and Committee chairpersons comprise the Board of Directors