Facebook Guidelines

2018 hopefully will bring some positive changes in all our lives. One thing I want to ask is that all of us on Facebook POST MORE OFTEN. This can be one positive change! This is where we can:

1. Ask questions about photography or equipment.

2. Share ideas and places that are cool to shoot.

3. Blast out something that is happening and worth a few pictures and maybe invite members to join you someplace.

4. Learn something new - through our “challenges" or through watching what other members post. We post pictures to stretch ourselves, sometimes trying a new technique, sometimes liking/trying an effect or view someone else posted.  

5. Make ourselves POST PICTURES and loving the comments members make and learning from that chatter.

6. Take time to comment - it's fun and important! 

7. Click the Facebook link at the bottom of each page on this site to be transported directly to the SFPC Facebook group.

SO THIS YEAR 2018 I'M ASKING US ALL TO TRY TO POST AT LEAST 2 PICTURES EACH MONTH. They should be good ones, not sloppy tries. I think we can get complacent, maybe a little lazy and let somebody else do it. But we enjoy the interaction and ideas and creativity. Please! Take this challenge and learn from it!

—Anne Harlan