Stay Focused Club Members who won or placed in the 2016 Inter-club competition between Vineland Photographic Society and SFPC

Hosted by Stay Focused Photo Club

Saturday, October 8, 2016 at 10 AM

Click on images to see larger, uncropped versions.

Winners are listed left to right, top to bottom:

Anthony Cedrone, Shades of Gray, Honorable Mention, B&W Non-Manipulated; John Snidenbach, Just Water, Second Place, B&W Non-Manipulated; Lynn Stowe, Baboon, Honorable Mention, B&W Non-Manipulated; Rita Rigas, Winter of Hope, Honorable Mention, B&W Non-Manipulated; Dave Seals, The Jetty, Honorable Mention, Color Non-Manipulated; Debra Resch, From the Bottom Up, Honorable Mention, Color Manipulated; John Snidenbach, The Old Barn, Second Place, Color Manipulated; Anne Harlan, Chambered Nautilus, Honorable Mention, Color Non-Manipulated; Anthony Cedrone, Solitude, Honorable Mention, Color, Non-Manipulated; Dave Seals, Sunset on the Lake, Honorable Mention, Color-Non-Manipulated; Dennis Loughlin, The Lady and the Tiger, Honorable Mention, Color Non-Manipulated; Dennis Loughlin, Training Day, Second Place, Color Non-Manipulated; Eileen Woeller, Grape Harvest, Honorable Mention, Color, Non-Manipulated; John Snidenbach, Big Blue Ben, Honorable Mention, Color Non-Manipulated, Anne Harlan, Ready for Summer,  Honorable Mention, B&W Manipulated.