Fall Shootout 2018

American Spirit, Color

American Spirit, Black and White

Faces, Color

Faces, Black and White

Geometric Shapes, Color

First Place, Joyce Bianco, Nature’s Geometric Shapes; Second Place, Dave Seals, Margate Beach at Night; Third Place, Dennis Loughlin, Knife and Fork Inn; Honorable Mention, Marty Hochman, Geometric Blown Glass; Honorable Mention, Kelly Hunt, The Wave

Geometric Shapes, Black and White

First Place, Dave Seals, Well of Sintra; Second Place, Dennis Loughlin, Diamonds are a Fan’s Best Friend; Third Place, Gary Levy, Patterns Above; Honorable Mention, Holly Linton, The Unfinished Church; Honorable Mention, Anne Harlan, To Infinity and Beyond