Fall Shootout 2016

Judges Eric Weeks and Karen Michael offered live commentary on entrants' work and chose category winners during the Shootout held November 12. The subject was "Something NJ is famous for." Results are below.

Winners are listed here by category and in the sequence slides are shown above:

Color Champions

First Place: Anne Harlan, Another Day in the Bogs

Second Place: Eileen Woeller, From the Vineyard

Third Place: Rita Rigas, Historic Revolutionary War Soldiers Hut

Honorable Mention:

Gary Pitel, Easter Lily

John Oesterling, Sunset at the Beach

Color Challengers

First Place: Debra Resch: Beach Haven Meetup

Second Place: Marty Hochman, Cloverdale Farm Cranberry Farm

Third Place: Kelly Hunt, Clams on the Half Shell

Honorable Mention:

Dave Carey, From the Farm

Kelly Hunt, Refueling Red Knots

Patricia Allen, Full Service Rocks

Black and White Champions

First Place: Gary Pitel, White Trumpet Vine

Second Place: John Oesterling, Sand Cars

Third Place: Dick White, State Fruit in Black and White

Honorable Mention:

Anne Harlan, NJ Twists and Turns

Dennis Abriola, Run Aground

Lynne Stowe, Diners

Black and White Challengers

First Place:     Kelly Hunt, Surfing AC

Second Place: Marty Hochman, Sunset

Third Place: Patricia Allen, A Jersey Welcome

Honorable Mention:

David Rossi, Jersey Fresh

Linda Keyser, Diner